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    Boring in Sydney

    Our Services

    Here at Daley Horizontal Drilling,
    we provide the following services:

    • Directional Drilling
    • Drilling
    • Boring
    • Horizontal Directional Drilling
    • Guided Drilling
    • Steerable Drilling
    • Rock Drilling

    The advantages of horizontal directional drilling

    • It is less disruptive to the public as there is no need to close roads unlike with open cut methods.
    • Due to the operation only requiring 2 small pilot holes at either end of the drill stem, there is very little work required to reinstate the site to its original state.
    • Directional drilling doesn’t require homeowners’ driveways, gardens, or lawns to be dug up.
    • The whole installation process is both faster and more efficient than open trenching.
    • The methodology of directional drilling is environmentally friendly as no trees or other vegetation are disturbed along the route.
    • The practice of horizontal directional drilling lends itself perfectly to working in confined and difficult to access areas.
    • With the ability to work in most soil conditions including rock, there is no need for the use of expensive rock breaking equipment, thus saving our clients time and money.

      How directional drilling works

      With the use of electronic sensors within the drill head (SONDE), the drill head is accurately tracked and any necessary alignment changes to the bore can easily be made. Using a walk-over or down-hole location system, our drilling technicians can collect data from the
      battery-operated SONDE system. This data includes detailed information on the depth, location, direction, and angle of the drill. Using this data, the operator is able to correctly align the drill along its route and also avoid any existing buried utilities.

      Horizontal Directional Drilling

      The horizontal directional drilling process is both simple and highly effective in principle and operation. A pilot hole is drilled between the access and exit points along a specified route using a steerable drill stem. Once the bore is completed, the drill cord is utilised to pull a service pipe or cable through the newly formed hole. This phase of the operation can also include reaming of the hole to increase the bore diameter right back as far as the start point, should it be necessary.


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